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Our repair program procedures are as follows:

Tools are inspected, quantity verified, and categorized by the level of work
required ( resharp, recondition, salvage, and etc.)
Straighten any bent shanks

Replace any broken shanks

Braze on new or existing heads

Wire brush tools to remove debris from
cutting flutes
Because we are a complete repair program and service all tools and do not scrap
burs, we must turn (O.D. grind) any broken or damaged heads that are listed on
the work order as needing reconditioning or salvaging. O.D. grinding guarantees
the burs will operate without vibration and provide "like new" production time.

Regrind all tools to return the cutting flutes to a "like new" condition

Turn and clean shank collars

Bead blast or belt polish all shanks returning tools to "like new" finish

Dip all tool heads in "Seal Peel" protective coating to prevent flute damage
during the return shipment

Package and return order to the customer according to customer pre-set
specifications to allow for easy assimilation into the tool room flow.

1. In cases of Resharp, Recondition, Salvage, and Rehead repair pricing is the
same for any shank type or length assuming the shank is in good condition and
the tool is running concentric (true). Any shank repairs will fit into the Reshank
category and be subject to reshank pricing
2. We will repair any brand of carbide burs.
3. We will only scrap a tool when the diameter becomes too small to repair or
when it is no longer cost-effective to the customer, and even then offer a service
that supplies new heads on the existing shanks.
4. Our repair program is guaranteed to perform as well as or better then your new