"TBRS" or "Total Bur Replacement Service", what the rest of the
industry doesn't want you to know about.

How can the best carbide bur repair program in the industry get even better? Well, it just did! RUCH is
going to lower the cost of your carbide bur requirements and you didn't even have to ask us to do it.

RUCH TOOL announces this new addition to an already superlative carbide bur repair program…. TOTAL

We have surveyed our repair customers, and you tell us that the biggest headache with your bur program is
the proper and efficient maintenance of inventory levels. In other words, customers are saying: " Why can't
somebody keep an eye on the inventory levels without adding costs?"

Has this happened to you? As tools are cycled repeatedly through the repair process, there comes a time
when the tool is just too small to use effectively, applications change and you require a different tool to do
the job, or a tool may simply break (which our competitors will have you scrap to buy a new tool). That's
when you go to the tool room to get some new tools from the "new tool inventory" to put into production
system. Whoops….none in stock or the tool room supervisor is out. Panic usually sets in and a frantic call
goes to RUCH TOOL to get some new product.

As you know, under these circumstances, we do an excellent job of accommodating your rush orders for new
tools. However, rush orders are not very productive - either for you or us and require you to buy new tools
and spend more money. This new enhancement to the program is designed to eliminate rush orders, fix
broken tooling and keep you stocked with burs that are currently being used at your facility.

If you currently have dead inventory or "scrap" tools, this program turns them into like new, useable tools
at a replacement cost which in most cases will provide up to a 40% cost savings against the purchase of
completely new tools.

How does this work? It's very easy, just send us the tools that you are not using, want us to change, or are
scrapped with a note of what bur you require. We can use your old shank and just put on a new head or
change shanks and use your head. For example, if you have several flexible shank burs in stock that you
haven't used in quite a while, send them back to us and we will put those tools on a solid steel shank while
maintaining the replacement cost. Why purchase new tools when we can turn your un-used inventory or
broken tooling into productive products that your people will use?

It is that simple. Your inventory stays level, your people have the products they need to do the job, your
paperwork load is reduced, and most importantly you save money at the same time.

We welcome your response to this enhancement and would like to know how it could be working for you. If
you have any questions, or requirements please call, write or fax. We will respond in a timely fashion to all
inquiries. RUCH TOOL looks forward to demonstrating this new program to you!